Best of Boats Award 2023 – SARGO 45 and QUARKEN 27 as FINALISTS in their categories

The best 23 motorboats of 2023 in the finals of the Best of Boats Award International jury announces the finalists of the Best of Boats Award 2023 in six categories – Award ceremony in Berlin on 30 November 2023 Berlin/Cannes, September 11, 2023 – “And the Winner is …” will be the seven-time cry on the evening of November 30, 2023, when the winners of the BEST OF BOATS AWARDS will be ceremoniously announced at BOOT & FUN BERLIN 2023. It will be the 10th time that Europe’s best motor boats will be honoured with the award in Berlin. The clothing partner of the Best of Boats Award is Marinepool – Spirit of the Ocean.
The most convincing new boat models of the 2023 model year, which have prevailed after numerous tests over the last twelve months, will be honoured. The 14-member jury of experts, consisting of editors-in-chief and motorboat test directors from all over Europe and the USA, thoroughly scrutinised the most interesting international motorboat innovations during test drives in numerous cruising grounds.The special feature of the Best of Boats Awards: The categories are not based on the length of the boat, but on the intended use, i.e. the future boat users. Other important criteria that make the BOB Award unique: Only boats that have been tested by several jurors are considered for selection. And: Novelties that are still under development therefore do not take part in the BOB Award. All this, as well as the intensity and scope of the test runs, make the Best of Boats Award a seal of approval for the special quality of the selected boats. Nationally and internationally, the award is one of the most prestigious awards in the boating industry.
After an intensive season with hundreds of boat tests, the 23 finalists of the Best of Boats Award 2023 in the categories Best for Beginners, Best for Family, Best for Fun and Best for Travel have now been determined. In the new category Best for Performance, particularly high-performance, fast and luxurious sports boats are honoured. For the first time, Best for Electric is a separate category for purely electrically and hybrid powered boats. With the award in the Best for Future category, the jury of experts will honour a groundbreaking concept in the boating industry. The finalists for the Best of Boats Award 2023 are:

Bayliner M19 (USA/Portugal)
Beneteau Flyer 8 (France)
O’boats 550 (Poland)
Quicksilver 805 Open (USA/Portugal)

Bavaria SR 33 (Germany)
De Antonio D50 Coupé (Spain)
Parker 100 Sorrento / Askeladden C97 (Poland)
Targa 32 (Finland)

AMT 240 DC (Finland)
Navan C30 (USA/Poland)
Quarken 27 (Finland)
Saxdor 270 (Finland)
Sea Ray SLX 260 (USA)

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5 CC (France)
Frauscher 1212 Ghost Air (Austria)
Sterk 31 RC (Germany)
XO DFNDR 8 (Finland)

Northman 1050 Trawler (Poland)
Prestige M 48 (France)
Sargo 45 Explorer (Finland)

Axopar 25 Electric (Finland)
Sialia 57 (Poland)
X-Shore 1 (Sweden)

Model diversity and broad range in tenth year The selection for the Best of Boats Award 2023 reflects the entire range of the current model year. Newly launched brands such as Sterk are included as well as Sialia with an electric concept on a 17-metre boat length and the new Navan brand from industry giant Brunswick, which will be launched in September 2023. Well-known boat-building nations such as France, Finland and Poland are much more strongly represented this year than last year. From beginners’ sports boats and family cruisers to touring boats and strong performance boats – all common boat types are represented at the Best of Boats Award 2023.

BOOT & FUN: Premium Partner and Host of the BOB Award
The Best of Boats Award will be presented at BOOT & FUN BERLIN, which will take place from 30 November to 3 December 2023 at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. The award ceremony with the jurors, representatives of international shipyards, shipyard bosses and international representatives of the boating industry will take place on Thursday, 30 November 2023, from 6.30 p.m. in the exclusive ambience of the Marshall House.
BOOT & FUN BERLIN, premium partner of the Best of Boats Award since 2014, will once again host the festive winner party for the best powerboats of the year. Pictures of the finalist boats as well as logos and an infographic on the jury of the Best of Boats Award 2023 are available for download in printable quality in the Media Kit Best of Boats Award 2023 on
30 November to 3 December 2023 | 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Berlin Exhibition Ground


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