The sea brings out a hidden voice – a voice that enters our hearts and moves it with delight.


Bluegame Yachts
Bluegame - a brand of SanLorenzo

Built for the wild and the wild at heart.

The commitment to design and build every boat fulfilling the owner’s requirements and according to the highest quality standards, is the mission of Bluegame.

Sargo - The Allseason Boat

Follow the Leader.

The first shipyard in Finland building pilothouse boats from 1967 and into the future. Solid, versatile, family friendly and guaranteed to put a smile on your face in heavy weather conditions.

Sargo Yachts
Arctic Yachts
Arctic Yachts

Introducing a revolutionary concept in Pilothouse category: outboards powering. Choose more torque, better performance, less maintenance, roomy engine room and spend more time on the water.



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